Mumbai Has A Heart And Hearth For All

Pashupatinath Arts, right behind the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel is home to 'Labby' and 7 other stray dogs and 27 stray cats.1 of the cats I met is blind by birth but has no dearth of love to give, so much so that he cozies up to dogs as well. 

Visitors (mainly foreign tourists) to the dainty little shop, come and admire the knick knacks and variety of artefacts, which they may or may not end up buying, but, almost everyone falls in love with Labby and the assortment of dogs that have adopted Pashupatinath Arts as their home.(Fair word of warning: that lower shelf is Labby's special place so don't venture petting him when he's in his corner.)

What touches me most about Mumbaikars like these is that they may have humble earnings themselves but never hesitate to help any creature in need. This only goes to show that if you have the will to help all you need is a good heart.