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Blooming Away To a Brighter Future – Assam’s Uttam Teron Paving the Way for All Underprivileged Children

A backbencher in school and a BSc graduate with dreams of getting into the dance industry or perhaps yoga at one point, Uttam Teron, a 47-year-old had aspirations that didn’t work out the way he would have wanted them to. Becoming a teacher was never something on his mind and yet this far-fetched idea of a profession has taken over his entire life in a much more fulfilling way. While Assam is known for its beautiful tea plantations and wildlife, there’s more to discover such as Uttam’s ‘Parijat Academy’ a schooling academy in the form of an NPO educating every kid for free who knocks on their doors. Parijat in literal terms means a ‘celestial flower’ just as the innocent children who need to be nurtured into beautiful flowers. Thus, the name of Uttam’s Academy. Originating from the village of Pamohi, Kamrup district of the state, Uttam lived a simple life since the very beginning. Wandering aimlessly around with his friends in the neighborhood and passing his time was what Uttam’s rout

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