A Reliable Mobile Solution For People In Need – Sartaj Lamba’s ‘Buddy Cabs’ Is All But A Click Away

 The owner and founder of BeSure Buddy Cabs, Mrs. Sartaj Lamba independently runs the mobility care solution based in Chandigarh. The service is available within a call or press of a button for the ones in need as stated on the company’s web page and has become popular amongst the people in the city of Chandigarh and its neighboring areas.

Her focus on the mobile assistance and caregiving provided for the elderly and the disabled was inspired when her father-in-law back in 2015 struggled with his frequent visits to the hospital that were only made difficult due to poor travel assistance for a bedridden person as himself. Painful as it was, he passed away in the year 2018. The family was struck with a huge loss but persevering through it was Lamba’s love and will to make things better for other people such as her father-in-law, in need of better mobile assistance and care.

Talking about the working of the service provided by Lamba’s company, there are about 70 vehicles, 20 of which are customized adhering to and taking care of the needs of the elderly and specially abled people. The wheelchair accustomed vehicles come with rotating seats, oxygen cylinders, and first aid amongst other precautionary and useful measures to ensure safety and care for the customers.

The staff that helps out or that are involved in the service are ex-servicemen and thus have a basic hands-on experience to help when needed. The service has especially proved to be essential during Covid. As for when it comes to added security, there also are women cab drivers for certain destination or routes.

As for the customers to generally avail their service, Sartaj states that most of them are patients who need to make regular visits to the hospital for their chemotherapy or dialysis sessions. The customers can also book the cab and have the driver stay around for a bit to help around with small chores or errands if need be. The company also provides inter-state or inter-city route cabs as the service aims to help those who find it difficult to travel through other means of transportation such as the busses, trains, or flights.

What really comes in handy with this is that the cab service has institutional tie-ups with certain hospitals such as Fortis. This allows the cabs to be parked in the hospital premises, down and ready to pick up any of their elderly or otherwise patients/customers.

What’s more, users of the service can also book appointments through the cab along with getting caretakers to help assist them. What this does is in turn cut of the time spent waiting to see the doctor.

Lamba also talks of all the good that the service has brought and the kind words people who avail the service have for them. It all goes on to show how people who are partially disabled or otherwise or elderly feel cared for and important being given the help they need.

Coming right from the mouths of customers of the Buddy Cabs, customers have had a positive experience to say the least with caretakers taking care of all their needs, from waking them up on time and taking care of their needs.

Lamba along with her Buddy Cabs venture also helps promote women-oriented programs and acts as a mentor meant to inspire and empower women. Further expanding her work and service is but another goal Lamba aims to achieve. Taking her operations pan India, involving more female cab drivers, and being able to assist even pregnant women or new mothers.

Booking for the service is made easily available through their web page or a phone call along with a mobile app that is currently under development. There is more good to come for the people in need from Lamba’s Buddy Cabs initiative that aims to leave its users nothing but satis


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