The Solar of the Dusk

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The deadly problem of air pollution in India’s poorest areas is no longer a concern. An Australian company, Pollinate Energy, lits India’s slums with solar energy. This company founded by five Australians has changed the way people use light in the night in the slums. The kerosene lamps are now replaced with its portable solar lamp, with a port to charge a mobile phone. 

According to the company, the Australian lamp is a potential game changer as the indoor air pollution from kerosene lamps and stoves is the second leading cause of death in the country. Locals are employed to sell the lights from tent-to-tent. Although, the lights costs about 30 Australian dollars each, customers can make the payments in installments.
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Over 7,000 lights have been sold in Bengaluru and about two more Indian cities are on its verge of expansion. Co-founder Kat Kimmorley said, “Bangalore, the city that we started in, was the first city in India to become electrified over 100 years ago and yet in Bangalore it is only 70-80 percent electrified, what we’ve found is by providing a light, kids are going to school, mums are working in the evening.” He further added, “They see opportunity and they have taken the next step to move upwards and onwards,”

image source - Pollinate Energy