One Step at a time

When our young generation thinks of the community and not themselves, you realise that the future is bright and in right hands

13 yr old Aastha is an 8th grader student joined hands with the United Way - Habitat for Humanity  group to raise funds to build homes for the homeless. 

An organisation which in the past 35 years in India has worked across the country and helped improved the living conditions over 4.5 mn people by building

1. Habitat home for communities

2. Accessible sanitation facilities in schools and communities

3. Rehabilitation in the aftermath of a disaster

Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light in the life of the less fortunate, help them build a home.

If you believe in this cause, request you to visit her page and contribute to this cause


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    1. Dear Pramitesh
      Have shared the link as a part of the post. Do join, its a noble cause

  2. This is a noble gesture.l will feel proud enough to be associated with this type of endeavour.


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