Spreading the warmth - Diljit Dosanjh

A heart warming gesture by a genuine person at heart – Diljit Dosanjh. Many of us have danced to the tunes of Diljit and he always comes across a very humble and down to earth person. The man again won hearts of million by donating Rs. 1cr to the farmers protest.
Just to clarify so that no wrong connotations are drawn, the donation was to purchase warm clothes for the farmers who are protesting outside the national capital.
It speaks a lot about the person when they do such noble acts and don’t even talk about it. The news was broken by Punjabi singer Singga revealed on his verified Instagram account that Diljit donated Rs 1 crore towards the cause without making a big deal about it.
Singga said in Punjabi: “Thank you brother, you gave Rs 1 crore for the farmers, for their warm clothes, and nobody knows. You didn’t post about it. People can’t shut up after donating Rs 10.”
A lot People want to politicize it, criticize it but the fact of the matter is the man did it and did it to take care of the elders
Diljit Dosanjh, Timesofgoodness.com Salutes you.  We need more like you.  


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    1. Thank you Akash. Really appreciate the support

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    1. Thankyou, need feedback from patrons from you to make it better

  3. I think he should keep himself away from controversial statements and social media actions like his recent post of Rihanna, to earn respect in his field.

    1. Will leave that judgement to him.
      We just appreciate the good work that he is doing for the society.


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