Get Kidney treatment free of cost

In today’s scenario when pandemic has plagued the life of many people living in this world. It has become important for each one of us to contribute towards rebuilding the society. We all have to stand together and especially work for the poorer section of the society. Keeping this in their goal The Guru Harikshan Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Kidney Dialysis Hospital was opened at Balasahib Gurudwara in Delhi.

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee on Sunday (March 7) inaugurated the biggest Kidney Dialysis hospital of the country. This hospital not only provides free treatment to kidney patients, but it will also provide free food to patients and attendants. Apart from patients, food and drink will also be free for family members of the patients. The food will be supplied from the gurudwara’s langar.

This 100-bedded hospital which is equipped with most technically advanced medical facilities, is serving patients free of cost. To ensure this they have not created any billing counter at the hospital. There will only be a registration counter to keep record of the patients.

According to DSGMC president Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the hospital has the capacity to conduct dialysis of about 500 patients every day and about 100 patients can get service at a time. Mr. Sirsa also mentioned that the centre functions round the clock where all advance medical facilities are available free of cost for the needy people.

He also emphasised that right now hospital treats patients who visit in person. They are in process of starting online registration in a week’s time, once the system is in place. Isn’t it worth praising such institutes which are working selflessly for the people of the nation.


  1. Congratulations sir, It is really a great job you are doing. In these days no one cares for poor and needy people. I once again congratulate you sir

  2. Sri,I thank God, giving you a great heart. I known how people are safaring for this transaction. My heartiest congratullate you sir.

  3. A very good initiative, God bless all the people involved in this initiative

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  5. Hats of to you sir for serving the nation and helping poor people. May you get the reward of your good deeds

  6. Alla Mary in sikh bhai ko zannath my ala muqam day ameen.


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