‘No Profit – No Loss’ rule for hospital in Beed, Maharashtra

Albeit there exists the scarcity of beds, oxygen, or medicines in these trying times, it has led to hysteria amongst a lot of people. Regardless of the crisis at hand, four friends rising through the district of Beed in Maharashtra, have put themselves forward in support of and to help people in their vicinity. This to them meant to put up and build a Covid Centre. Costing close to a whooping 30 lakhs is how the Covid Centre stands tall with over 50 beds, the expenses for which the friends contributed equally towards.

Prior to which, the covid center was intrinsically a school and the four men to be thanked for the establishment of the covid center are namely, Prakash Desarda, Dr. Bhagwan Sanap, Dr. Ganesh Deshpande and Abhijeet Dungarwal. The center has especially been built to take care of the people of Shirur tehsil. The notion behind it being that of ‘No Profit – No Loss’. Any patients checking in have lesser expenses to worry about than compared to government hospitals even. Abhijeet Dungarwal also happens to mention that the only reason to charge their patients is so that all of them can go home knowing that they have been treated with respect and not because there was any amount of pity shown towards them for which they were helped.

The beginning of it all…

Dungarwal iterates the ongoing pandemic that as we all know has dispersed across countries and it is something larger than all of us. In an instance such as this, it is our responsibility to help curb this overgrown issue by any means that we can. This to him and his friends meant setting up the Covid center with their own money.

For Prakash, in the earlier days of April he happened to visit relatives over at Pune. This was where he experienced the terrifying reality of countless patients losing lives simply due to the unavailability of beds at the right time. He never wished the same fate to fall onto those near him, in his village or around him which is how he got himself involved in the establishment of the Covid center along with his friends. He simply presented them with the idea and with their support, the Covid center took form on the 18th of April 2021.

The establishment is part of the ‘Ideal English School’ in Shirur tehsil of Beed district and has become an indispensable aspect for several people in the surrounding areas. The center not only provides beds but also three-time meals every day to its patients.

150 Cured Patients…

Prakash Desarda happens to mention that the school turned hospital has a staff of 40 people which includes 10 doctors. Currently, there are a total of 37 patients seeking treatment, whereas have previously cured over 150 patients so far. Rest assured there is enough oxygen and medications made available for every patient. Even though considering the current amenities 50 beds are what is available, however, Prakash ensured that, if need be, more arrangements will be made to accommodate even more people.

What to expect at the center…

A set of 10 specialist doctors and nursing staff

Available always are 3 ambulances, 15-20 oxygen cylinders, ECG, and x-ray machines.

Free and assured consultation regarding the treatment whether it be at home quarantine or at the hospital.

Accommodations are also made available for all and any relatives of the patients, completely taken care by the Covid Center.

In case of death, the funeral responsibilities are also taken care of by the Covid center, however, it is a consolation that not one single patient has died at the center so far.

The only thing that Abhijeet wishes for is for the pandemic to cease to exist and for all patients to be able to recuperate and go back to living their daily lives.

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  1. Good job done.
    May God bless all.

  2. Good job done.
    May God bless all.

  3. A very good service being done for the Society in these miserable times.Let the Fascist BJP government open its eyes .


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