A Better Way of Learning at ‘Saakshar’ in Andhra Pradesh

As per the census in 2001, the male literacy prevailed at 75.26%, however the female literacy rate lingered at a low of 53.67%. With several regional and gender related causes for this being responsible and while government-based educations and facilities exist, Rajesh Munmmaneni, one of the members of the Saakshar group believed that the current education facilities were not enough for children’s overall improvement. To help with this notion, the Sakshar group emerged in December of 2016.

Kick-starting with a small number as five schools in the areas of Vijayanagaram and Visakhapatnam with the sole goal being that to make use of interactive studying resulting in efficient and improved verbal converses, this included the language English as well as Telugu. Helping with this are a group of college students who spend their weekends away teaching at the schools hoping to bring about a new learning curve for every kid attending the classes.

The small list of five schools soon enough grew and in over five months, there were already 250 students receiving the benefits with other programs having been included such as ‘Fulfill a want’ which is a simple concept of trying to understand a child’s dream or wish and trying their best to fulfill it. Rajesh explains that kids have innumerable wishes and although we cannot fulfill every one of them, we most certainly can try our best to fulfill one of them.

The Saakshar group although ideally meant to help improve the students from the primary section, makes it a point to try their best to help the kids from the secondary section as well.

Other programs also focus on career counselling, setting up a properly timed camps, educating and informing students of the secondary section on the various career alternatives and choices at their fingertips, helping them understand and curb any worries or questions regarding their futures. They are informed of the options available for them with whatever minimal level of education they complete.

And as technology-driven the current world is with the technology ever changing and the most important aspect for careers in this age, students also have the option to opt for programs that help with just that. The program being ‘PC literacy’, this is where they are taught of the basics of computer learning from Microsoft office to the likes of C++, C, and other programming languages.

The teachers or volunteers at Saakshar who help out are referred to as ‘change makers’. With the current number of change makers being at 35 from Andhra Pradesh, the group and motive to help students is moving strong. The teaching involves the use of interactive tools such as beginner’s crossword among other basic puzzles to work on the students’ spellings and learning words.

Although, the group is currently working within the boundaries of the state of Andhra Pradesh, there are plans and efforts taken to expand the reach to other government funded schools over the country. The change makers are in the process of building connections with other potential volunteers who could be future prospects for being one of the change makers and helping numerous other children improve themselves and build a better future for themselves.


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