The Top 3 Moments of Tokyo Olympics 2020

1) US Swimmer Dressel tosses his Gold to teammate Curry

Brooks Curry swam in Dressel’s place during the team’s qualifying match but sat out in the finals. This allowed Dressel to remain in spirit for both his individual races as well as the relay final.

Although Curry would win a medal but wouldn’t be included in the medal ceremony where only the four swimmers would be on the podium, Dressel took the chance to show his support for his teammate.

Dressel won his gold went over to the stands where Curry was at, called him to the first row of the benches and tossed over his gold to Curry directing attention away to Curry whose efforts led the team to the finals.

Dressel later stated, “I had the easiest job last night out of everyone here. I got to watch it on TV. So, I felt like Brooks deserved that a little more than me.”


2) Golds in Men’s High Jump: Qatar and Italy for the win

During one of the events, precisely the Men's high jump – Athletics, two athletes, Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim, and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi both competing in the finals went against each other only to be led into a draw between the two. Both Barshim and Tamberi jumped to a whooping 2.37 meters. As part of the rules, the officials asked for a jump-off to settle the tie. The two had to make three more jumps each in order to settle on the sole gold winner. They did so, however none of them could go above their original mark of 2.73 meters.

As the winner couldn’t be decided after the 3 jumps from either of the athletes, the officials asked them to make one more jump. However, at this point, athlete Tamberi had dealt a leg injury and decided to withdraw. Barshim now had the opportunity to make a better jump for the gold medal for his country.

Tamberi was out but Barshim checked with officials asking them what would happen if he withdrew from the last jump as well. The officials then checked the rule book and confirmed that if Barshim withdrew his name as well, then it would mean a gold medal for both the Qatar and Italian athlete. To which, Barshim nodded in approval and Tamberi accepted it as well and jumped to hug the Qatar athlete. Thus, both Tamberi and him received a gold for the event. Both, Barshim and Tamberi have been good friends since 2017.

Barshim has previously taken bronze in London in 2012 and silver in Rio five years ago in 2016 and the gold from this year’s Olympic is an addition to his success.

“For me, coming here, I know for a fact that for the performance I did, I deserve that gold,” Barshim said. “He did the same thing, so I know he deserved that gold. This is beyond sport. This is the message we deliver to the young generation.” Winning is not everything in a game and both the athletes have given the message to the rest of the world to respect your rivals whiling sharing the success with those who deserve it.


3) Noah Lyles’ Boring Bronze

American professional track and field athlete Noah Lyles who has been known as the defending 200-meter world champion and an Olympic favorite called his bronze win ‘Boring’, few minutes after which he broke down into tears and discussed his guilt and wished his older brother Josephus was also in Tokyo. Josephus Lyles is also an American sprinter and younger brother to Noah. Noah continues, “I feel like this wasn’t even my dream. In 2012, my brother had the dream that he was going to come to the Olympics. I really just tagged along for the ride.”

Noah discussed all that along with his struggle with going on and off of anti-depressants and how the discussion on mental health shouldn’t curb long after the Olympics are over.

He lasty adds, “I am not defined by being an Olympic bronze medalist, or a world champion, or the high schooler that went pro. That’s not who I am. I’m Noah Lyles. I’m not Usain Bolt’s successor. I’m not Andre de Grasse’s successor. I’m nobody’s successor. I am