Sikhs to The Rescue! 100 crore Construction of Hospital in the talks

Throughout the course of this pandemic, we have seen small and large entities likewise, common people, teachers, temples, people in law enforcement, all the kinds of people that there are help other people in need with food, health, access to medical care, etc. Hospitals have been built, schools, clubs, temples turned into covid-centers. We have seen it all. The love is over-pouring and in abundance even in difficult times as this in our nation.

Even so, this is another one of such stories coming from the Takht Sri Hazur Sahib that started distributing food to the disadvantaged ones of us, over 4 lakhs of them every day. This distribution of food was put into action when the first curfew was enforced last year in March 2020 till late October and start of November. Now that the second wave has hit us harder this April, the Gurudwara decided to start their help again. With having distributed over 5,000 ration kits that would last people for two to three months, the Gurudwara is doing their best for helping the people. They even made five hundred rooms near the Gurudwara to the municipal corporation so that patients affected by the virus could be treated there.

The patients in the area seemed to be facing quite a lot of issues with acquiring accommodations and had to pay far more money. The Gurudwara thus managed to establish a 50-bed Covid Care Center where they would treat all the patients for free. Available here are 12 ICU beds with oxygen supply and soon enough the option for dialysis will be made available too.

What’s to come?

Takht Sri Hazur Sahib is one of the five major Takhts of Sikhism with an annual budget of 120 crores. What’s coming is to be build a hospital with a sum of 100 crores from the fixed deposits of the Gurudwara which exceed over to 250 crores. There were rumors going around of the gold donated in the last 50 years would be used for the construction of the hospital, however those rumors were quickly shut out as secretary Ravindra Singh makes the point stating that people must travel to Mumbai and Hyderabad for treatments as of now and although that is discomforting to many, it will not be a problem once the construction for the hospital is done using the money from the fixed deposits.

Only last year, saint Baba Kulwant Singh ji had been struck by the virus and had to be taken from Aurangabad to Mumbai. Unprecedented as it was, it stirred a lot of problems and thus the decision to build a hospital seems to be a right one for everyone’s wellbeing.

Takht Sri Hazur Sahib has over 1300 employees and their salaries alone account to three crore rupees and it would only do the people good if the hospital was constructed for their use and welfare in these times of urgency.