The Best Home to Exist: The Treehouse of Udaipur, Rajasthan


Dwelling in the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan is the peculiar house of IIT engineer, KP Singh who has been residing in this dream of a tree house he built over 20 years back. KP Singh’s journey to build a house began in the year of 1999 when he was looking for land for the same. This was when the colonizer there in the Sukher area introduced him to the land where his house now lies. The colonizer informed him that for the house to be built, the tree that stood there would have to be chopped off. This did not sit right with Singh and he insisted on building the house atop the tree.

About the house…

The tree house stands 9 feet above the ground and up to a height of 40 feet tall. The house does not make use of any cement but instead is built using steel structure, cellular and fiber sheets. You will also notice that the stairs leading to the house are remotely operated. The house itself is made to accommodate the branches of the tree without cutting off a single branch or part of the humongous tree. Singh also mentions how there is no issue for the tree receiving inadequate sunlight as there are windows as well as holes made in parts of the house to allow sunlight to pass through and reach the tree. There also are no problems of not having any amenities, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator, beds, water, and electricity. There is nothing more one could ask for. It is also said to be able to withstand the weight of a total of 150 people!

He also mentions a fascinating fact about the tree house which is that at times when there is a strong wind blowing, the house appears as though it is swinging and swaying with the wind. The house was built starting with just two floors, however, that soon changed to four floors. He adds that since the house is entwined and built around and through the tree, a lot of birds fly into the house. This has now become a routine as the birds are not intrusive and the house is instead built in a place of the birds’ dwelling.

Not only this but since the house is built on a 65-year-old mango tree, fruits grow along the branches inside the house as well. The branches incorporated inside also act as useful tools and furniture items, some helping as stands, couch, or as a stand for the television. Tourists also happen to visit to look at the splendid house as a part of their visit to the beautiful city of Udaipur.

Kamal, who lives in this house states that while people in cities and in the current pandemic are facing issues with the scarcity of oxygen, he is very much content with living among nature with green pastures and trees around him. He believes that nature is the only component that can provide us with oxygen at every hour of the day. Preserving nature is the only way that can determine a healthy and safe life for all of us.

The successive story of KP Singh’s treehouse has also awarded him with his name in the Limca Book of Records as the civil engineer who built his home on a tree where him and his family reside.



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